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Jeetendr has wowed audiences from 200 to 20,000 and inspired them to think differently, stay relevant and break through by championing their diversity and authenticity. He delivers a fresh, provocative and eye-opening message that encourages people to be free, fearless and live up to their greatness. Jeetendr has delivered keynotes to Apple, Unilever, Viacom, Marriott, Google, Orange, Ogilvy, Variety, Ad Age, Digital Hollywood, The R&A, ProMax BDA and numerous colleges and associations worldwide.

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Jeetendr's keynote draws on his research to reveal the six steps to make your ideas outperform in the 21st Century. He understands the new rules of acceptance today, rewritten by Millennials and Generation Z. These rules explain how certain people, products and ideas break through against all odds and make the difference between abject failure and sky rocketing success. What really works (the honest and candid) and what doesn’t (the curated and contrived). Jeetendr reveals the key themes that ignite popular culture and delivers a bold and dynamic message that never fails to generate significant dialogue and debate. 

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  • No Shame in Fame: Authentic Leadership in a Celebrity Fueled World.
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