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Forget the Kate effect, Lauren Pope and Binky Felstead are more influential in the style stakes than the Duchess of Cambridge

Bianca London | The Daily Mail

- Jeetendr Sehdev, a celebrity branding expert, says so
- People can relate to fashion choices of reality TV stars
- Michelle Obama is 11 times more influential than Kate 

From the Zara cornflower blue dress she wore after announcing her engagement to the vibrant pink jeans she wore to play hockey in ahead of London's Olympics, whatever the Duchess of Cambridge wears generally turns to retail gold.

Her wardrobe choices used to send high street sales soaring with shoppers desperate to emulate her impeccable style. But is the 32-year-old losing her touch? Seemingly so, if the latest research is anything to go by.

According to a new survey women are more likely to copy reality TV stars such as Made In Chelsea's Binky Felstead, TOWIE's Lauren Pope and Jersey Shore's Snooki than the once-favoured royal.

He found that movie stars, musicians, models and reality TV stars yield greater influence when it comes to fashion than the former Kate Middleton.

According to his research, women in both the USA and the UK claim to be more influenced by reality TV stars, including the Kardashians, as well as Taylor Swift, Sienna Miller and Michelle Obama.

So influential is the First Lady that she has 11 times more selling power than the Duchess.

Speaking about his results, Sehdev said: 'Her influence is not what it’s being made to be and, in the eyes of the modern woman in both the U.S. and the U.K., she’s not heralded in that way.

'Does she even deserve the title of style icon? The answer is no, because she doesn’t measure on the criteria of the style icon.' 

So why has the new mother fallen out of favour? While 68 per cent of those surveyed believe her style has a certain timelessness, Michelle Obama is seen to be fives time as daring in her dressing. 

Sehdev also believes that Kate's move from high street offerings such as Reiss and L.K. Bennett to designer garments such as Alexander McQueen means her style resonate less with the masses. 

'Style icons today have to be enormously sexy and they have to have a great sense of style and fashion and flair and individuality and they also have to be dressing for themselves and not others,' Sehdev added. 

Jeetendr was interviewed by The Daily Mail on style icons.  View the original article here